quick doodles cause i’m stressed and tired

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I want to break my hands and never draw again.

I want to cut my stomach so I’ll never have to eat again.

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just a punch of pixel stuff I did.



Nikolay Tikhomirov

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Andy Goldsworthy

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The Art of Thief || The Cloak

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Kanto Illustrations #074 - 094 - Created by Piper Thibodeau

Piper continues to re-imagine the complete Pokedex, and this is the next installment! As usual, Piper’s take on each Pokemon continues to be really fun and creative, and we just can’t get enough. Make sure you follow along on Tumblr or Twitter for all the latest updates.

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It’s been a couple of months since I was very close to taking my own life. I really got better. 

Everybody thinks I’m getting better but in fact everyday, I’ve been thinking of dying. I just see it because the idea is always there and hasn’t been scrapped out yet. 

The reason I don’t tell anyone because I know they will get tired of helping. They will get tired of feeling helpless. Then they will start being angry. Then they will go away.

Some days are good. The others are just horrible and painful.

I don’t think I’ll survive the roller coaster any longer.

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some studies I did today. I wish i could get clouds right.